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The Long Hill Township Education Foundation Enrichment Grants Total More than 65,000 since 2005. Like many of our neighboring school districts that have created non-profit education foundations, FORCE’s mission is to support academic enrichment in Long Hill Township. Because school budgets are more restrictive than ever, public schools now rely on private funding to support creative and engaging venues to help children learn. All proceeds raised from the annual fundraiser will go directly back to the schools as grants or sponsorships to enhance in-school curriculum.

FORCE, The Long Hill Township Education Foundation, is excited to announce that more than $65,000 in enrichment grants and sponsorships have been awarded to teachers in K-8 schools since January 2005!

Enrichment grants maybe submitted electronically and at anytime of the school year. Express enrichment grants are also available in an amount that cannot exceed $500 per teacher or $1,000 for two or more classrooms, per year. FORCE also looks to the community to help the schools receive educational grants from corporations who award grants to 501(3)c organizations, non-profit educational foundations, like FORCE.

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